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I took this course from Jeff because I believe in taking a course of this nature from an instructor who speaks from experience rather from a book. Jeff certainly meets and exceeds this criteria!
Dr. Beaton L. Walsh

A wonderful hands on, skill based program which would benefit anyone in the healthcare profession. Jeff was incredibly good at explaining all details of hypnosis applications and how to conduct a season with a client.
Victoria M.

Jeff was energetic and thorough. I felt I was given a good solid foundation for starting my hypnosis business.
Debra T.

Jeff spent the time to answer all my questions around the material and made sure I felt confident about it. I loved learning and doing the Self-Hypnosis which I enjoy doing daily to refresh my energy! I learned some excellent new life skills.
Laurie W.

The entire course was really enjoyable. Thank you for increasing my own self confidence in working with real client issues. I am really greatful for the extra time after class you so readily offered to help me understand the material, questions and how to let go of my own stuff.
Roberta C.

I signed up for this course to start a new career in alternative healing and got way more than I ever imagined... in learning how to heal my own pain through hypnosis. Thank you so much for an amazing journey
Jill B.

Jeff's the real deal in teaching hypnosis, I left with the business,practical and hands on hypnosis knowledge I was looking for to start my business.

Jeff is an excellent teacher and most of all a kindred spirit that made a positive shift in all of us in the class, an amazing life skills journey. Great many thanks Jeff.
Chris K.

Tri County Addictions Services
Thank you for your delightful presentation to the joint general meeting of our Board of Directors and staff and the Board and staff of Alwood Treatment Centre. Your presentation combined a refreshing humorous approach with specific illustrations of the therapeutic utility of relaxation therapy to enable persons to have experiences remarkably different than their usual ones. Discussions among our counseling staff in the week following your demonstration continued to recognize some of the opportunities for change that your interventions introduced to those who experienced your work: your showing dramatically how "the self" could be guided to a different experience of "reality" reminded all of us of alternatives to regular counseling.

Besides the clarity of your demonstration, the fact that one of our staff has been receiving training from you reassures us that we may be able to keep learning at least indirectly from your teaching-and keep helping the persons who come to us for relief from their problems with alcohol, other drugs, problem gambling, or concurrent mental health issues. So, we've had two chances to gain from your teaching, and we've very much appreciated them.
David N. Executive Director

The University of Western Ontario
I can't thank you enough for coming to talk to my Psychology of Altered States of Consciousness class at King's College (UWO). Your presentation was both entertaining and, more importantly, extremely informative. It's one thing to present the theory behind hypnosis and quite another to breath life into the practice in the way that you did. The understanding and experience that you brought to the class helped to foster a much deeper understanding of the many interesting facets of hypnosis. On this front, your guided demonstrations of hypnosis gave the students (and me!) some much needed tangible experience that helped to inform the written material we were covering in class.

I can honestly say that I have a much better appreciation of the nature of hypnosis and its many benefits having seen your presentation. You're a great teacher and presenter. Thanks again. It was great to meet you. And I hope that we can do this again in the future.
Gareth Doherty... Department of Philosophy

Childrens Social Services
Going into this course I had no idea what to expect. Being a skeptic by nature I was pleasantly surprised to discover what a valuable tool hypnosis, would be my current profession as well as an oppurtunity to expand and increase my skill set. I am greatful for the instruction that I recieved. The material was presented in a way as to make it understandable and Jeff is a Fantastic instructor. I would encourage anyone in the helping professions to explore hypnosis and to explore it with Jeff as your guide.

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