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Excite a new confidence in your hypnosis! ADVANCED INDUCTIONS AND DEEPENING
How to perform Rapid and Instant Inductions!
Learn the Dave Elman Technique and more!

Course fee $450.00 + HST

One of the most interesting things that bring people to learn about hypnosis, is seeing stage hypnotists on TV or live shows instantly hypnotizing a volunteer or client in seconds. A hypnosis induction is the process of leading someone into hypnosis, so you should at least have a brief understanding of how some of these instant inductions work .A Hypnotic Trance is a place where the client is lead into a state conducive to hypnosis. (Trance is NOT the same as hypnosis, it is an AID to the hypnotic process). So lets look at the concept of instant inductions and how they work.

There are 3 specific areas you will be taught Confusion, Misdirection, Shock Induction To lead someone into a hypnotic trance quickly, the hypnotist must bypass the critical factor or the critical mind using techniques from the above methods in the instant induction setting.

You will also learn the concept and theory of how to setup the conditions for rapid trance and also be taught the Dave Elman techniques as well as updated versions from your instructor Jeff Oatman who has been performing stage shows for over 15 years.

About Dave Elman Induction Mr. Elman is one of the most highly respected figures in the history of clinical hypnotherapy. He pioneered the use of rapid induction techniques and was a great advocate of the hypno-analytic approach to therapy. His work is characterized by an astute, common sense approach, which nevertheless often hits the nail on the head. Hypnosis is a state of mind in which the critical faculty of the human is bypassed, and selective thinking established. [Dave Elman, Hypnotherapy, 1964]

Don't miss this workshop...Time is money! Using standard inductions takes time away from the clients actual session, and remember... it's always about the client. • Make more time for more clients by speeding up the induction process. • Understand the conditions for using a rapid induction • Advanced fractionation techniques • Dave Elman inductions • How to use a rapid induction for a hypnosis demonstration • Advanced deepening techniques and testing • Increase your confidence • Reading body language for depth • This is a fun and informative hands on course! Instructor Jeff Oatman shares knowledge of over 15 years as professional stage hypnotist on the art of advanced inductions.

Instructor: Jeff Oatman CI