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2 Workshop Options Available
Timing: 9:30 am - 4:30 pm each day
Call our office to book your private training date at our office

A/ Past Life Regression Certification
Private 1 Day Program
Price: $599.00 plus HST (For NGH certified hypnotists)
(Note: $300.00 extra for non hypnotists 2 day workshop)

B/ Advanced Certified "Law of Attraction" Practitioner with Past Lives
Private 2 Day Program
Price: $899.00 plus HST (For NGH certified hypnotists)
(Note: $300.00 extra for non hypnotists 3 day workshop)

Includes: demos, lectures and hands on experiential practice

• Advanced Interviewing techniques
• Demonstrate and practice individual regression
• Interpreting, meanings of your work
• Trusting and safe office environment
• Honing your skills in an intense and intimate environment
• Mastering the practical procedures

Past Life trainings are invaluable opportunities to:

• Explore your own past lives while learning
• Retrieve and release memories from childhood and prior lives in order to move forward
• Building healthy relationships
• Enhancing creativity and openness
• Gain confidence in applying these techniques with your clients

We will explore…

• Regressions: In Utero, Into Childhood, Infancy, Past Lives
• Metaphors and Symbols for better associations
• Advanced Deepening Hypnosis Training
• Psycho-Spiritual Therapy Procedures
• The Mind-Body Connection

Whether your a certified hypnotist or just someone looking for a new career in alternative healing through our human energy field this unique workshop will change your perception of the energy that surrounds all of us. Learn the benefits of this often misunderstood modality to let go of fears and phobias and much more!

Past life regression is a technique that uses hypnosis to recover what practitioners believe are memories of past lives or incarnations. Past life regression is typically undertaken either in pursuit of a spiritual experience, or in a fear or phobia releasing setting.

The techniques used during past life regressions can involve the client answering a series of questions while hypnotized to reveal identity and events of alleged past lives. Through past life regression hypnosis, the concept is that the critical mind can be relaxed in such a way to allow an access window or doorway into the subconscious mind where memories and energy of past lives are stored , and through specialized methods it is possible to go back through time, recalling memories from experiences in these past memories to help us understand ourselves more openly and move forward in our present lives. Participants of the past life experience describe it similar to watching a movie ...the deeper you go images and feelings start to unfold. Past life memory recall can even help even those who don't believe in past lives.

Post follow-up available for all our graduates. Students are taught how to perform a past life regression session with a client as well as Ethical conduct, Demos, hands on practice and various induction methods. Most importantly how to develop your PLR business to expand your income and clientele. Discover the tremendous healing benefits to clients that surround PLR and energy healing of mind body spirit.

Course Outline for Past Life Exploration Certification Training:

• Introduction and theory
• Defining boundaries goals, ideals and expectations
• Use of hypnosis as the facilitator
• Regression therapy: Overview of training manuals
• Professional responsibility, integrity and accountability
• The importance of pattern, soul lessons, and forgiveness
• Detailed Live Demonstrations
• History: Edgar Cayce & Dr. Milton H Erickson, their contributions to the field
• Explaining the PLR process
• Working with 1 or 2 clients at once
• Recording Sessions, Note Taking, and Proper Intake
• Incorporating Past Life Therapy into your field
• Impressive and powerful Decoding technique
• The importance of connecting past and present
• Forgiveness of our past stuff
• Charting client memory patterns
• Accessing the super-conscious mind
• Practicum
• Completion exercises
• Certificate from World Hypnosis Network

Includes all above plus how to run group workshops:
Law of Attraction, Soul Mates, Heart Mates and Soul purpose

Instructor Jeff Oatman's specialty is in the field of professional applicant interviewing, and past life exploration and will walk with you in detail in how to unlock and release past negative energy, find your Soul Purpose, by-pass the critical mind and utilize past memory potential to heal the present using mind, body, spirit modalities.

Note: There is no pre-requisite for this workshop Open to the general public and certified hypnotists!