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"World Hypnosis Network's" Master hypnosis certification course is taught over 2 days and includes advanced in class training comprised of theory, demonstrations and hands on practice and homework assignments. Certified Instructor Jeff Oatman will take you further into the subconscious mind for deeper healing of the mind body spirit. This workshop is an extension and continuation of your basic certification courses intended to enhance your confidence, skills and increase your client success and be more consistant over conventional techniques. NLP ,Erickson hypnosis, advanced depth testing, running group workshops, cancer clients, advanced fears and phobias, time line, parts therapy, neuro-rewiring and more!

Advanced Inductions techniques for ultra depth and enhanced client experience.
Indirect suggestion and inductions so you can dance in the moment, removing imprints and much more!
Course materials include: Master Hypnosis workbook, Induction scripts, marketing materials, World Hypnosis Network MASTER certificate, post follow-up.

Students are required to complete a take home exam (85% to pass) and provide 3 case studies within 30 days of the course using techniques learned.
To receive your Certified Master Hypnotist M.ht designation you must have a passing mark of 85% or more. Upon completing and passing the course you can start using the designation M.ht after your name.
Jeff Oatman is always available post course to help council your success if you require assistance.

This unique certification course includes powerful live and detailed demonstrations, lots of hands on practice and group processes in an intimate, supervised setting, we teach safe and effective ways to execute many forms of cutting edge hypnotherapy tools in our highly practical courses. The integration of many modalities including advanced pain mangement is also covered. This fascinating and informative course is carefully designed to give you extensive in depth training to increase your client success and your hypnosis business as a career...or self discovery... or just to integrate these skills with another profession in the health or counselling fields. Class sizes are smaller for a more personalized learning experience.
NOTE: This workshop is also available as a 2 day one on one private class!