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Jeff Oatman is a professional motivational speaker on motivation Smaller class sizes offer greater detail and personal experiences Jeff Oatman has appeared on many local and national television and radio programs Famous Hypnotist Jeff Oatman has appeared on the morning show with Liza Fromer

Become a Corporate Stress Presenter
Private one on one Workshop
3 different workshops
$2250.00 plus HST ( 3 Day advanced workshop, corporate presenter stress program ( includes 1 year post followup)
$1599.00 ( 2 day workshop only)
$899.00 presenting to groups (One day workshop)

Overcoming the mind game to successful corporate speaking on stress management.
Are you ready to enter the exciting business of corporate presenting?
If I could show you a way to take all your life experiences and turn them into a profitable business as a corporate stress presenter...Would you be interested?

Our unique “Subconscious Motivational Protocal System TM" will set you apart from all other presenters you'll learn to teach others how to excite success from subconscious out!

There's nothing more rewarding than standing in front of an audience thats excited to see you present. We will take you step by step through a proven results oriented program that we have used to work with major companies including: Microsoft, IBM, Bank of Montreal, Esta Lauder, TD Bank. Visa, Air Canada, Accountants Association of Ontario, Via Rail, Toronto Public Health and many more!

Our unique “Subconscious Motivational Protocal System TM" will set you apart from all other stress presenters you'll learn to teach others how to excite success from subconscious out!

Workshop Includes:

• Complete Detailed Workbook
• Detailed step by step one hour presentation
• Complete Stress management program
• How to use your voice
• Instant rapport with an audience
• Incorporating your own personality into the presentation
• Demos and complete walk through of a one hour seminar
• Setting up the room
• Presentation methods and props
• PowerPoint uses
• Audience Handouts
• Marketing your business
• Developing a marketing plan
• NLP strategies to anchor your audience

Can a person like me really become a highly-paid coach and seminar presenter?

This proven unique program is already packaged for you to use... You'll need basic business skills and of course... have a highly driven need to exceed and do better for yourself. Discipline yourself to set time aside to learn and practice a proven seminar system . If your willing to invest in yourself, you may have what it takes. You will learn a secret four-step method that teaches you how to become a motivational coach which audiences can't help to be attracted to... setting the stage for being sought after as a master motivator of the true potential of self... thus unlocking unlimted potential of your inner creativity and motivation for being the best you can be.

The seminar business is not for people who think they can achieve a high end lifestyle with no effort or investment of time and resources. Make no mistake...this seminar program is not a "get rich quick" scheme. This proven system shows you the student how to find and develop your own inner strenghts and inner drives that will make you unique from all others, comfortably speaking and presenting your message in front companies and clients in exchange for sizable seminar fees.

What could be more exciting than a rewarding career in which you choose your own hours to work and that pays you what you're worth?
There are thousands of Canadian companies that desperately need help for stress management. Properly trained professional presenters can earn as much as $500.00 - $5,000.00 or more per presentation. This program can easily adapt to audience sizes from 6 attendees to auditoriums of 1000 people.

Jeff Oatman’s 20 years plus in the corporate field as an entertainer, booking agent, certfied consultant, hypnosis facilitator and professional corporate stage hypnotist all comes together in this outstanding personal mentoring experience that will change your life and others that surround you.

Jeff is a certified corporate consultant and has been working with corporations developing resources needed to help you turn your clients pain into success.

This Seminar is open to the general public and ( Jeff's hypnosis students 10% off)
Coaching geared to finding your personality strengths and developing your own program.
Limited Financing available for Jeff's previous students