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Certified Hypnosis Instructor:

Certified NGH Instructor Since 2004, Certified Applicant Interviewer, Certified Corporate Consultant, Master Hypnotist, Past Life Regression practitioner, Professional Stage Hypnotist since 1995, Sports Science Trainer, Motivational Presenter, practicing clinical hypnotherapist since 1999

Jeff Oatman is one of World's foremost certified hypnotherapy instructors and lecturers bringing over 20 years of "real life" hands on clinical hypnosis and corporate experience into his classroom settings. Jeff has taught doctors, nurses, social workers, addiction councillors, sales people, neurosurgeon, sports trainers, teachers, psychologists, and many healthcare professionals in the finer points of hypnosis intervention for positive change. He is a sought after energy healer, world renowned corporate stage hypnotist and respected Corporate Success Coach with an extensive background in healing the mind body system from the subconscious out.

Jeff has excited the power of human potential and mastery of self in thousands of students, health practitioners and clients from around the globe. His solid reputation makes him a sought after expert lecturer and presenter on hypnosis applications by many colleges and healthcare institutions. His clarity of instruction and understanding on all levels of communication modalities, has him noted by many health professionals as a "teacher's teacher' and a "healer's healer". Classes are fun, informative, empowering and very hands on.

Whether you want to excite the positive potential of yourself, start a new career in alternative healing or learn the art of helping others heal and empower themselves, Jeff's openness will be a journey you will remember and call upon for the rest of your life.

His commitment to your success... results in a total plan, tailor-made for each student, to learn and understand the art and science of hypnosis from within, to re-establish the mind and body's essential balance; to strengthen the mind body connection; and to use the power of self healing to transcend the ordinary limitations of disease, aging and negative thinking.

He has spent his whole teaching and clinical career learning how hypnosis can excite the healing power the mind, body and spirit systems. Truly one of the few full time real hypnosis imagineers available to teach the finer modalities of this amazing tool of the mind.

Jeff Oatman offers over 2 decades of hypnosis experience and as a television hypnosis expert including: The Discovery Channel, Discovery Kids, NBC, CBC, Global Television, The Morning Show with Lisa Fromer, City TV, Shaw and the 590 sports radio.

Jeff has also been a hypnosis expert consultant for such television shows including"Myth Busters" the Science Fiction Channel and "Saving Hope" - a CTV / NBC CO production medical show.

Looking forward to meeting you